New Documentary Featuring Dudamel Qlet The Children Playq Opens In Venezuela On June 10 And In Us June 23 - Gustavo Dudamel

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27 May 2011

New documentary featuring Dudamel,

"Let the Children Play," a new documentary by filmmaker Alberto Arvelo Mendoza that follows the development of El Sistema initiatives around the world, will be premiered in movie theaters in the U.S. as a special event on Thursday, June 23 at 7pm EST. "Let the Children Play" will also be released nationwide in Venezuela on June 10. 

Filmed in seven different countries, "Let the Children Play" offers a glimpse into the world of orchestras and demonstrates how music can be used to combat educational crises worldwide. Gustavo Dudamel, who is a product of Venezuela's musical and educational program "El Sistema," leads this journey through the stories of some of the young people who are experiencing the joy of music in the most diverse and contrasting corners of the world. "Let the Children Play" is a story of hope for the future unfolding right now.

The U.S. premiere showing will also include "Crescendo - Why Music Is Life," a special 20-minute story produced by CNN en Español that takes an in-depth look at the importance of music in children's lives as well as the role music plays for people overall. In their own words, well known singers, musicians and CNN anchors share their relationship with music.

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