July 1, 2020

Introducing 'YOLA National At Home'

This July, Gustavo's signature LA Phil initiative, YOLA, will host online summer learning opportunities, curated broadcasts, and interactive experiences for young musicians and adults.

YOLA National At Home will bring together students, educators, advocates, and administrators, who will share innovative practices with one another and hear from members of the LA Phil family as well as leading voices in El Sistema.YOLA National At Home takes place on Zoom and YouTube Live, from July 10-31, 2020. Registration is now open and more information can be found at the LA Phil website HERE.

In a recent LA Times article, Gustavo said this about YOLA National:

“One of the things that has really beautiful about this, is that there are kids who played in my first concerts who are now in college and are teachers at YOLA. Now they own the institution, and you cannot imagine the conversations, conversations for hours with the kids, about social justice.

What we found in the middle of this crazy moment, this difficult but important moment, is leaders. They are leaders who have been transformed by YOLA, and the result goes beyond everything that we expected. We were thinking this was an opportunity for them to have access to art, but what we’ve gotten are incredibly eloquent leaders who are challenging us with the kinds of music we play and the vision of the L.A. Philharmonic.”